Conditions of Hire

Equipment Hire Agreement

The hirer agrees to pay the agreed rental sum prior to the time of equipment delivery.

All equipment is hired on the condition that the hirer is totally responsible for all damages to the hired equipment during the hire period, from the time of delivery to the time of equipment collection by Perth Pinball Hire. The hirer hereby agrees to pay the sum of all damages, in addition to the cost of the hire, as calculated by Perth Pinball Hire staff, upon inspection of the returned equipment.

Perth Pinball Hire does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury sustained to any person or property which may be caused by the use of the hired equipment. The hirer hereby agrees to indemnify Perth Pinball Hire against any claim arising from the hire.

The hirer agrees not to attempt to fix or disassemble any part of the hired equipment. Any issues requiring access to the interior of the machine, or any faults with the equipment, must be brought to the attention of Perth Pinball Hire as soon as possible. Any evidence or signs of forced entry to the machine will be treated as vandalism. Additional damages may be charged accordingly. Should a fault with the machine render it inoperable or otherwise unfit for use, a replacement machine will be supplied or a refund of the hire cost may be granted, at the discretion of Perth Pinball Hire.

Hired pinball machines must be placed on flat, solid ground, and must be placed in a protected area away from direct sunlight. Appropriate siting locations include the interior of a building, or any protected location that is enclosed with a roof and walls. Equipment must not be placed outdoors, on soft ground, or in any area where they are exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Slushie machines need to be placed on a solid table or bench. Glass top tables are not suitable due to the weight of the machines.

The hirer must abide by all reasonable instructions provided to them by Perth Pinball Hire regarding use of the hired equipment.
Hired equipment remains the property of Perth Pinball Hire throughout the duration of the hire. The hirer agrees not to rent or sell the hired equipment.